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Brainy Bracelets are educational bracelets and bracelet-making kits that make learning both fun and fashionable. Each bracelet communicates a specific mathematical concept in the sequence and colors of its beads.

Our goal is to MAKE MATH FUN by increasing students’ confidence and conceptual understanding while boosting creative thinking, problem-solving, and fine motor skills. 

We have math bracelet-making kits that come with detailed instructions, as well as pre-made math bracelets available at the Etsy store. Every product we offer comes with a mini-lesson designed to support and extend learning.

Designed for ages 6 and up (although may be suitable for younger children with adult supervision.)


"We are so thrilled to have found Brainy Bracelets. Home schooling two girls in elementary school can be tricky so having a fun, hands on tool that helps them visualize math has been such a help! I love how I can customize what their receive based on what they are learning." -Chrissie S.

"We recently discovered Brainy Bracelets and are so glad we did!! I have two girls that struggle in math. They are both visual learners, so this was a perfect way to engage them. I wish I had found this earlier!! My girls absolutely love them and they are so cute and stylish too! As a mom, I highly recommend! My youngest especially feels like multiplication is now clicking for her! 🌟 🌟 🌟" -Kelly R.

"My daughter is obsessed with her Brainy Bracelets! She really does not like math so the fact that these are cute and can help her, have her really excited!" -Tiffany C.


About the Founder:
Hi I'm Gabby. I'm a teacher and I like to come up with creative ways to teach kids. I believe that people learn best through experience.

Math used to be boring and anxiety-provoking for me. I could never connect to the material. There was no subjectivity- you either get it or you don’t, and I didn’t. It made me feel inadequate, so I avoided it at all costs.

It wasn’t until I became a teacher that I realized that ANYONE can learn anything if the material is presented in a meaningful way.

That a subject doesn’t have to be simply black and white on a page, but can be approached from a more colorful perspective. I found that even with math there is room to exercise creativity and flexibility to allow for deeper learning.  

Brainy Bracelets provides kids with a crafty tool to help them approach challenges with confidence and experience joy and success in learning math. Because anyone can become a math person.

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